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Ecommerce Redefined
Top Reasons To Consider Us For Your Ecommerce Program
Review our site and you will see we have virtually every feature you could desire. If we are missing something you want – let us know and we will add. You will find that we offer an Ecommerce platform that rivals Ecommerce providers who charge much much more.
Mobile Ready
HTML 5 platform displays flawlessly on all platforms.
Make your site accessible to everyone and generate more business..
Performance /
Ease Of Use
Our program has been optimized to display a page in the fastest possible way.
It is true-well designed code is both efficient and fast.We are fast stable and a joy to use.
Customization /
We have a program Ecomstor that is straight code and fixed in its feature set.
If you need Ecommerce to be customized and programmed exactly to your accounting and ERP requirements then Interpristor is your choice.
Shipping Methods
-Parcel – LTL
Our freight shipping processing is one of the most comprehensive ways to handle all shipments.
IFreight prices can either make or break every Ecommerce transaction.
Merchandising /
Ecommerce Best Practices provides the easiest ways for your customer to find a product and checkout.
It is also helpful to get them to throw more in the basket than they were thinking about buying.
SEO- Search Engine
We have not missed a trick and even have a few really cool (patentable) ways to make sure you get listed properly.
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Responsive Design Mobile Ecommerce Platform
The layout and content is responsive based on the size of the screen it’s presented on. Our site automatically adjusts for the best viewing on any device. Using responsive web design your store will provide an optimal experience for all screen sizes.
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Feature Matrix – Enterpristore 2018 (Fixed System)
& Enterpristore Custom 2018

Lets Us Give You A Proposal Based On What You Specify

enterpriStore 2018

enterpriStore 2018 (Desktop / Mobile Platforms ) has everything you would ever need for Ecommerce and it’s feature list is always expanding. We provide a site with the software installed and hosting and you are ready to go. You can add professional services as you need them.
We monetize our business by offering professional services to setup our site and get you selling and processing orders.
  • Custom Programming.
  • osCommerce / Magento Program Upgrade / Conversions.
  • Administration Site Setup
  • Marketing Merchandizing Setup
  • Graphic Images Conversion & Upload
  • Product / Category / SEO Setup

enterpriStore 2018 Custom edition is our premier platform and is available for programming customization. This means 100 % control. Your Ecommerce platform can finally express your business model with no unwanted features or missing features.

Purchase & Monthly Maintenance

Depends on number of Infor SX-e Licenses
Monthly maintenance – 20% of License fee (Depends of License Type)
Source Code – Available after purchase of the licenses
Monthly prices include software lease and system maintenance.
Ecommerce Php Programming
PHP is one of the programming languages, used to design dynamic web pages. Mainly for server-side scripting PHP programming is used. PHP is also used to create textual user interfaces. The web developers can easily share and edit PHP scripting language and this is one of the major advantages of using PHP programming. PHP is an open source and hence it is free software.
Logistica Solutions Inc. provides web solutions for PHP programming and MYSQL development as per client requirements. From complex Internet application to simple web design, LSI offers programming services for every kind of websites.
PHP Programming Solutions:
PHP programming can be used in different areas in developing a website. Interactive and attractive websites can be developed with the help of PHP and MYSQL. PHP migration, web services, database driven site development and custom web development are some of the core aspects where custom PHP programming can be applied. Some of the areas where PHP programming are widely applied are mentioned here:
php programing circle Ecommerce Php Programming
The Benefits of Using PHP Programming
There are many advantages for which PHP programming and MYSQL are widely used nowadays. Here are some of the primary benefits of using PHP for programming the websites:
For PHP MySQL web development, MySQL is used as back end with PHP programming. MySQL offers cross platform support to PHP and helps the web developer to create a faster data management system. Since PHP and MySQL are very much compatible with each other, PHP is used as a scripting language in MySQL development. In PHP development, MySQL also supports multiple users at the same time. With custom PHP programming, images, texts and form tables can be added to a site as and when required. The existing texts and images on a website can be customized and changed as the design demands.
With the help of MySQL development and PHP programming, database driven websites can be maintained. The experienced and skilled web development team of Logistica Solutions Inc is adept to provide custom PHP programming to clients within scheduled time period and at competitive price. We provide PHP programming services as per the requirement of our clients. Our aim is to maintain quality and integrity of the work from beginning to the end of the project.
  • PHP, C/C++, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL , ODBC, DBA, PDO
  • HTML/XHTML/DHTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, XML, cURL, SOAP, Web Services, WSDL, RSS
  • SX.enterprise Info, Google APIs, Amazon Web Services
  • Con-Way, DB Schenker, E-Shipper, FreightQuote, FreightCenter, FedEx, InterShipper, LMI, Malvern, SMC3, YRC
  •, Paypal, Payleap, Chase Paymentech, 2CheckOut, ChronoPay, CRE Secure
  • osCommerce, WordPress, phpBB, Joomla, Drupal, Zen Cart, CRE Loaded, PHP Nuke and others.
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